The one and only Shirley Bassey Tribute you'd ever think about booking....Rachael, you are truly amazing...

Booker for James Bond event in Nottingham in March 2014

‘This Is me’ starring the amazing Rachael Roberts at the Grand Theatre - I cannot believe how much she was like our great Dame. She sounded like, looked like her & moved like her too. If you are a fan of Bassey make sure you catch her the next time she is in this area. You will not be disappointed.”

Helen Enser Morgan, host of Swansea Sound


Rachael Roberts a true star who shines so brightly .She shines as brightly as the diamonds she sings about and like them for as long as we have Rachael, Shirley will indeed be forever. Two hours where we were transformed and taken to another dimension. I met Rachael in the foyer and she came over as dedicated, loving and again I say a true star. Long may you shine Rachael.”

Joy King, reviewer of “This Is Me” the theatre tour opening night


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